Microsoft office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019

The release of Microsoft Office Professional 2019 has finally arrived after much anticipation. Users of Windows 10 and Mac computers may now download Microsoft Office 2019, which was officially unveiled and made available for download on September 24, 2018. Having said that, it is important to note that Microsoft does not provide complete support for the standalone software.

Office 365 is a software that is offered by subscription, and Microsoft now gives it a lot of preference and support. But have you reached the point where you should switch from Office 2019 yet? In this concise overview, we will go through what features are included in the professional version of Microsoft Office 2019.Next version of it, is Microsoft Office 2021.



Users are provided with everything they need to successfully complete the task via the program. Office Professional 2019 is geared for expanding small businesses that are eager to obtain the traditional Office apps along with newer versions of OneDrive, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. These businesses are the target audience for this product. It requires a one-time payment and may only be installed on one computer at a time for usage in the workplace.


Why is it Being Done?

Office Professional Plus 2019 provides users, whether they work alone or as part of a team, with a comprehensive range of tools to help them be more productive in their work. It establishes a connection between users and essential business procedures. It features an improved Enterprise Server Integration that enables remarkable integration with the solutions offered by Microsoft Business Productivity Server.

These include the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019, the Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2019, and the Microsoft Exchange Server 2019, all of which are designed to generate new chances for cross-company cooperation.

Teams now have the ability to more effectively manage information and streamline the business procedures they use on a daily basis. If any of the following apply to you, you should strongly consider purchasing Office Professional Plus:

You need to ensure the safety of your intellectual property, don’t you? Forms that need to be created

Do you want to be able to govern the access to and flow of material inside your organization? Maintain separate locations for each team, but need them everyone to collaborate on the tasks they are working on. We require a centralized spot in which to store and organize information such as notes.

What Comes Standard with the 2019 Version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus?

This iteration of the office software propels you to the next level of efficiency in terms of your work output. Using tools and features such as PowerPoint Morph and new chart types in Excel, you are able to develop presentations, data models, and reports. These can all be shared with others. In addition, there have been improvements made to the inking experience across all applications.

Features such as Focused Inbox and Focused Mode in Word make it much simpler for you to keep track of your time as well as your email and your connections.


The following applications are included in the package :


Outlook for Microsoft Office

You’ll have no trouble keeping track of your emails, contacts, calendar, and tasks when you use Outlook. The support for push email helps to ensure that your inbox is always up to date. New functions have been added, such as the ability to see conversations, connected groups, and messages. In order to facilitate planning, calendars may now be displayed side-by-side.


The word processor Microsoft Word

Using the most cutting-edge features for editing, sharing, and reviewing, Microsoft Word makes it simple to produce material that looks professional and allows for its smooth distribution. A new design tab that allows for fast access to the features has been added. Inside of Word is a feature called Smart Lookup, which brings pertinent contextual information from the web and displays it there.


MS Excel

Excel gives you the ability to do innovative and user-friendly analyses and visualizations of your data. It offers customers a graphical user interface that may be used to access their preferred keyboard shortcuts. You may cut down on wasted time by making use of time-saving features like the Analysis Toolpak, Formula Builder, and Slicers.


MS PowerPoint

You now have the ability to efficiently develop, collaborate, and present your ideas with the help of PowerPoint thanks to the introduction of new slide transitions and an upgraded animation task pane. Threaded comments appear on the same screen as your slides and make it easier for you to incorporate audience input into your presentations.


Microsoft Access

Access has been simplified to make it easier to rapidly create database applications and tools that can be used within a browser and that are useful for running a business. Your information will be automatically saved in a SQL database, which will both increase its level of safety and its scalability.


Microsoft Publisher

Using Publisher, you can quickly produce a broad variety of publications of professional quality, add your own touches to them, and then share them with others. You may easily switch photos by using the drag and drop functionality. It is possible to upload pictures straight from your online photo albums. You may differentiate your articles from others by utilizing distinctive effects.


Skype for Business

Through Skype for Business, you and your team may communicate with one another using a shared link. With just one click, everyone may participate in the online conference with you using any device they want. You have the option of meeting immediately away or setting up a time to do so through Outlook at a later time. The URL of the meeting has been customized just for you.



OneDrive is a cloud storage service that enables you to back up, save, and share your files, including documents, photographs, videos, and more, from any location or device you choose. Users get access to a substantial quantity of free cloud storage space when they sign up for a Microsoft account.


System Requirements

There are some prerequisites that your device should meet in order to execute Office Professional 2019 without any hiccups. In a nutshell, you need to make sure that the following things are in place:


  • Windows 10
  • 1.6 GHz
  • 2-Core Processor
  • 2 GB (32 bit) RAM
  • 4 GB Available disk space
  • 1280 * 768 screen resolution

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